Love, Trust, and Hate.
The most rewarding experience, in our society, is love.

 For over 20 years, I lived and trained,with Doctor.Victor Baronco. Vic enjoyed doing Courses, and wanted to bring himself to his audience more often, so I set up video conference capabilities between Hawaii, San Francisco, and Lafayette.I collaborated,and taught on the first video conference ,Course( Darshan)with Doctor.Victor Baronco 

Dr. Vic's vision and intention to love inspired the More courses and the one-no-vote lifestyle now enjoyed by various communities.
 Dr. Vic recognized the possibility of and fostered true freedom for women and consequently for men. The lives of his students and friends are immeasurably better through his enthusiasm for life and willingness to see the good in every situation.
 He showed us how to have more fun than we had imagined.
Our research, started by Vic Baronco and his first wife, Suzie Baronco, has explored how people can live together pleasurably, with the group providing support for the individual's goals.
We have found that people with increased knowledge and awareness enjoy fun relationships which endure and deepen in intimacy and moreover, that gratified people tend to treat others with more compassion and love.

Growing up in Arkansas
I grew up in a small three-bedroom house. in Arkansas, with my father,mother,with 4 sisters and 2 brothers,
At the age of 16, I went to California with my older brother, in search of a better life. I finished high school,
and went to vocational school. before returning to Arkansas. when I was 20. I could only find a part-time,
dead end jobs. Most of my friends, in Arkansas had gotten into trouble or drugs.
It was 1978. I decided to go back to California where there were better opportunities.

Although my life was better than it had been back in Arkansas, I felt I had reached a plateau and there
was no place to go but up. Soon after, while visiting my mother in the hospital, I asked a stranger in the
hospital parking lot for a light. That stranger was Marices.

Coincidentally, Maurece had met my brother the same day, under the same circumstance: my brother
had asked him for a light in the parking lot. My brother had told Maurice that I was a good auto
mechanic and so we talked about how his car was running. 
I fixed Maurices car. Afterwards, we kept in Touch.

 Maurice was associated with a university, where they researched alternative lifestyles,and philosophie
of life that encouraged more of what you have already have, more fun, more community
involvement. It was called More University.

Maurice invited me to move into a communal house, called the Oakland Morehouse, sponsored by More
University. My life began to take a totally different and better direction.
I spent my days at Lafayette,volunteering, for a surplus food giveaway program
 called ”Foodmore” and working on cars.

Just four days after I had moved to the Oakland Morehouse, Vic, the founder of More
University, heard about the work I had done on Maurices car and invited me to live at Lafayette
Morehouse, home of More University.

Fun Times With, Dr.Vic Baronco.
I remember the first time that I talked with Vic privately. What I remember most is that he put his
attention on me in a way that few people rarely have. We were in the Waipuna Lounge and he was
talking about the courses More University offered. I told him that I wanted to teach and he told me how
to go about it, to take all the courses as a student, as a course assistant, or effect person, (who is in
the room to handle requests from instructors)

Much of the course actually happens anew during each course as the instructors field questions from
the class. No course is ever quite the same. In addition, I found that there was information in the course
that I was not ready to hear at one point and that later I could hear and use. He told me to be willing to 
put attention on people and give them what they want.

At this point I had dropped most of my earlier impressions of Vic and had a deep and abiding sense of
his wisdom and his love for people. I also saw his sense of humor. Once I was washing a car, he asked
me to hand him the hose so he could wet down the canvas awning over his deck. As I handed him the
hose, still running, he sprayed me down. “Dont you know better than handing me a loaded hose?”Vic
said, laughing.

Vic was one of the first real friends that I ever had, in that he really aligned himself with my goals. After
that, life at Lafayette settled into an exciting and challenging routine. I continued doing Foodmores and
keeping cars running and I began working my way through the entire More University curriculum.
One of the courses that had the biggest impact on me was a Presentation which is a personal encounter
with a master teacher, in this case, Brian Shekeloff., on the issue of one’s own perfection. For me the
Presentation confirmed something I had believed when I was young. I had always believed that I was
perfect and everything was perfect the way it was, even my childhood in Arkansas. My parents did not
see it that way, I was always told, “Nothing is perfect, James.

They felt that the circumstances of our
life were wrong, that the world was wrong. I listened, but I never quite believed them.
During my presentation, I saw that there is an available viewpoint that everything is perfect, just the
way I had see it as a child. I flashed on the viewpoint that being perfect is right on, that I know I can live
my life the way I want it and create all the arbitraries that come up, I’m the one responsible for them.
I essentially create my own universe.
I am clear that I have created a lifestyle that is both satisfying and challenging, while making a difference
for others.
My Life With, Dr.Vic Baronco And The More Philosophy Lifestyles.
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Love, is the highest, most emotionally, fulfilling experience, that society has to offer.

The opposite of love, and hate, is indifference.

When love, and hate are at total, responsibility, or total irresponsibility, they are the same
Love, is a special profound positive feeling, about a person, object, thing, group or concept.

Hate, is a special profound negative feeling, about a person, object, thing, group or concept
Trust is your ability to predict.
To the extent that you pay attention, to a person or concept,
 you will be able to trust it because you were paying,
enough attention to predict what it is going to do.