A Mark Group
Offers a fun way to meet new people and get closer to people you already know. You can be the center of attention, hang back, or do anything in-between. Playing the three structured games often affords an experience of surprising intimacy, insight, and laughter.
​1. Mockery, Ice breaker, introduction.
2. Hot Seat, You can choose to be the center of attention,
3. Withholds, Reduces charge for a higher level of communication.

​                                                     TEN REASONS TO GO TO A MARK GROUP

1. A Mark Group is more fun than you think it's going to be.
2. It's cheaper than a movie.
3. It beats sitting at home alone.
4. You might actually learn something about yourself.
5. You'll definitely learn something about someone else.
6. You could meet the person of your dreams.
7. You might get lucky.
8. You can expose yourself without taking off your clothes!
9. It's an easy and fun way to invest in your life.
10.It's fun to hear that you're perfect, whether you believe it or not.
​The price for the group is $10 or whatever
                                                                                     Private Hours.
A private hour, in a confidential setting clients, address their personal interests and issues.
I give private hours to either one person at a time for $65 per hour or couples for $150 per hour. Larger group rates upon request.

                                                               Mark Groups and Private Hour,Topics.

Responsibility: We describe emotions and how people interpret emotions as positive or negative depending on how much responsibility they feel they've taken for the development of these emotions in our life choices, both of which play significant roles.

Viewpoints: Are our thoughts, they are the lenses and tools which we relate and interpret our world, things, and people.

Sensuality: Giving pleasure to the body and mind through the senses.Sensuality includes all five of our senses: hearing,seeing,smelling,tasting and touching. It also includes our sixth sense, conceptual thought.

Sexuality: Is the physiological function that pertains to reproduction brought about by insemination of the female by the male through​ penetration.

Fear and Approval: Is to focus on your body ,approve of your body and love yourself more. Many people have some fear and apprehension about sex and their sexual performance. The Society also manipulates sensuality, presenting images of beautiful models in product advertisements who make people feel inadequate.

Anger and Happiness: Why do people get angry. among both woman and men, anger results in us, when we believe that a personal right has been violated Everyone believes that they have rights all kind of rights,whether it is the right to breathe or, in some countries the right to vote. We usually don't think about these rights as long as they are not threatened.

Prejudice and Pain: We judge our viewpoints as either good or bad based on how they affect our goals. If our viewpoint prevents us from reaching our goals,we can say that it's a bad viewpoint,at least in this particular circumstance.
The viewpoint that doesn't affect our goals at all aren't good or bad they're neutral.

Greed and Stinginess: Are prejudices caused by scarcity of money but belief in the abundance of money causes generosity. Meanness is caused by scarcity of kindness, but belief in the abundance of kindness causes us to behave kindly. When a person chooses scarcity over abundance or chooses to believe in scarcity rather than abundance he is sure to lead a poor, limited life.
                                                                                   Basic Sensuality Course

 describes the ways in which we all create our emotional and experiential lives, including wins and losses, joys and sorrows. With increased insight, you may find that you can live more deliberately and create a life that truly gratifies you.

This course provides information on how to experience maximum pleasure in your own body and how to produce maximum pleasure in your partner. It describes and explores the functioning of the human nervous system and addresses societal attitudes and self imposed limitations around pleasure and in all areas of life.

Included is lecture and discussion of responsible hedonism, apparent sexual dysfunctions, training your partner to pleasure you sensually, safer sex practices, handling resistances to pleasure, and the one no-vote, as well as many other topics.

Your goals are identified and addressed and you are encouraged to ask any questions you have. You will have homework to do in private on Saturday following the evening session.

                                                                       HoursBreaks (approx. times)
First Breaks12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Second Breaks5 pm - 6:00 pm 
 short break with snacks and chat with other.

                                                                       Audience with Dr Robert J Goodman
An Audience is an intensive course particularly appropriate to students who intend to make dramatic improvement to their lives. In this course a small group of students engage in a confidential dialogue with Dr Robert and friends over several days. The content and duration of the conversations are predicated by the interests of the students.Dr Robert answers questions and offers viewpoints on the practical application of the More Philosophy. With a deepened understanding of perfection, fresh perspectives are brought to the specific life situations of the participants.

A recording of the Audience sessions is provided so if they wish, students can review the info again and again at ever deeper levels of understanding.

For information on locations aboutgratification.net /calendar/.or, lafayettemorehouse.com /calendar.
For an in-depth description of techniques and application of the concepts of extended orgasm, based on 25 years of
 research, we recommend the book: Extended Massive Orgasm: How You Can Give and Receive Intense Sexual Pleasure by Steve Bodansky, Ph.D., Vera Bodansky, Ph.D.,and MSD's Group: By Hunter House, 2000.

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